Best Buy Affiliate Program Alternative

I’ve always wondered why brick and mortar giants like Best Buy and Circuit City had such a hard time succeeding in eCommerce. My conclusion is it takes a completely different mindset to succeed with a brick and mortar store versus on the Web. Much to Best Buy’s credit they have tried their best to play catchup over the last few years. As part of this process, they’ve adopted affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, for the affiliate, Best Buy has one of the most confusing affiliate programs I’ve seen. They have over 25 different payment schedules for different categories! This is absurd.

compact appliance affiliate program

Best Buy Affiliate Program Alternative

I manage the affiliate program for Living Direct / Compact Appliance. We offer a simple and fair affiliate program that pays better than Best Buy. If you join our in-house affiliate program, you will earn 7% commissions on all sales. The tracking window for the Living Direct affiliate program is 60 days compared to 7 days with Best Buy. This means you can earn commissions from a visitor who clicks your link for up to 60 days.


Living Direct specializes on smaller appliances. These appliances are perfect for people looking to live a greener life with a smaller footprint. Many of our products are customers live in small houses, urban areas, and RV’s.

Another focus is on appliances that increase fun. These appliances include wine & beverage refrigerators along with kegerators. This product mix allows affiliates to write about our products with a sense of humor.


In addition to selling appliances, Living Direct is the manufacture of the EdgeStar and Koldfront line of appliances. Despite being a relatively small company, we have hundreds of years of combined product expertise. We welcome feedback to help us design products to better serve customers. It will be much harder to have your voice heard at a company the size of Best Buy.

You Contribution Matters

If you help Best Buy generate revenue, it is still a mere pittance in their ecosystem. If you help Living Direct grow, you will be a valuable partner, helping an innovative company reach new markets and establish a brand. We will be grateful for the role, you play in our mutual growth.


Amazon Affiliate Program Alternative

Amazon runs the largest affiliate program in the world. Unfortunately, their program is weighted heavily in favor of Amazon. Commission percentages are low. In fact, they start at a measly 4%. The tracking window is ridiculously short at just 1 day. Support is also minimal. You aren’t important in the Amazon ecosystem unless your affiliate sales are in the millions. This isn’t realistic for most of us mere mortals.

Alternative to the Amazon Affiliate Program

compact appliance affiliate program

I work as the affiliate manager for the Living Direct Network. Our network of sites includes,,,, and We are actively seeking niche affiliates and blogger with a passion for quality content. We are willing to pay you 7% commissions on all sales if you fit in this category of affiliate and join our in-house program using the HasOffers platform.

If you are a network oriented publisher, we also host a program on Commission Junction. Our CJ commission rate starts at 5%. Performance incentives increase the rate to 7% when sales exceed $5000 in a given month. Commission Junction is the recommended network for affiliates who need to utilize our 10,000+ product data feed.

Our Main Products

Most products sold on the Living Direct Network are appliances intended to improve quality of life in small living spaces. Websites targeting green living, urban spaces, motor home owners, boat owners, modern style, beer, wine and gifts fit well with our product lineup.

kc2000 stainless steel

  • Kegerators
  • Wine Refrigerators
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Portable Air Conditioners
  • Window Air Conditioners
  • Ventless Combo Washer Dryers
  • Portable Heaters
  • Electric Fireplace Heaters
  • Portable Ice Makers
  • Homebrew Equipment
  • Beverage Refrigerators
  • Compact Refrigerators

Program Selling Points

make it rain money

We provide you with the tools necessary to be successful. Our experienced affiliate managers, including myself, our accessible to answer your questions. Our product datafeed on Commission Junction is a refined tool for success. The tracking window of 60 days is 60 times longer than you would receive from the Amazon Associate Program. Average order value averages well over $400. This high AOV allows our partners to achieve an average earnings of over $60 per 100 visitors they send to our sites. In my experience, this average far exceeds what the average blogger earns with Google Adsense.

How You Can Be A Successful Affiliate

Content is king might sound cliche, but it is more true than ever. In the old days, bloggers could get flimsy, poorly written 300 word articles to rank. The modern algorithm heavily favors well organized articles in the 700+ word range. It is always good to ask yourself what questions would I want answered if I was looking to buy this product. In this regard, reviews, top 5/10, best of, and comparison articles tend to perform best. These articles allow users to increase conversion rates from the 1%-2% they might see from a sitewide banner into the 5%-10% range. We also offer an alternative method to earn if you join the in-house affiliate program through the 2nd tier referral program.

Ready to Join?

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Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions or reservations about joining the affiliate program, that’s not a problem. You can email one of our experienced affiliate managers using: affiliates at

RV Affiliate Program

rv affiliate program

If you are searching for an RV affiliate program, you are likely to stumble across program related to rentals, like the El Monte RV Affiliate Program, or programs related to parking an RV at a golf course, resort, or camp ground. Latter such programs include the Good Sam Affiliate Program and RV Golf Club Affiliate Program.

I mention these because if you would be a good fit for any of these affiliate programs, you would likely be a good fit for the Living Direct / Compact Appliance Affiliate Program. You are a good fit because many of the appliances sold by Compact Appliance are perfect for living in an RV or motor home.

These appliances include:

Portable Ice Makers

edgestar portable ice maker

Combo Washer Dryers

edgestar combo washer dryer



Compact Refigerators

edgestar compact refrigerator



sharp microwave


Portable Heaters

duraflame portable heater


Countertop Dishwashers

edgestar countertop dishwasher

Compact Appliance manufactures and sells numerous other appliances that are the perfect fit for an RV or motor home. You might be wondering at this point, “how can I make money with these appliances?”

Make Money With The Compact Appliance Affiliate Program

The Compact Appliance Affiliate Program pays partners up to 7% commissions. Commissions start at 5% and scale to 6% with sales over $2500 in a given month. The commission rate increases to 7% with sales over $5000 in a given month. With an average order value of almost $400, it does not take many conversions to reach the 7% commission level.

Tracking lasts for 60 days. This tracking duration is twice the industry standard and 60 times longer than what the Amazon Affiliate Program offers. Said another way, if you refer a visitor to Compact Appliance, you can still earn commissions from that referral up to two months later.

Compact Appliance offers it affiliate partners choice. If you prefer to work more closely with Compact Appliance, I recommend signing up through the in-house affiliate program. There is also a comparable network choice run on the Commission Junction network.

When you work with Compact Appliance and the Living Direct Network, you will be assigned an individual affiliate manager. You can send any questions you have about the affiliate program to affiliates at livingdirect dot com (at=@ & dot=.). We always look forward to hearing from prospective partners.

You will also be given access to high quality banners in numerous sizes and a 10,000+ product strong data feed. These are yet a few of the many tools you will be given to ensure you achieve success and earn to your fullest potential as an affiliate partner.

Amazon Prime Price Hike

amazon prime cat

Techcrunch reported today that Amazon is likely to raise the price of a Prime subscription by $20 to $40 dollars. Some speculate the increase could be as high as 50%! This news comes on the heals of slow 4th quarter earning reports from the eCommerce behemoth and slumping stock price.

This is a somewhat startling turn of events for a company that has enjoyed so much positive press in recent years. I’ve certainly had more than one mental vision of Amazom and Google fighting it out in a last man standing cage match for final control of the World. With this recent report, it appears that the odds in Vegas on Google just got slightly better.

On a side note, Living Direct continually strives to shorten delivery times. I’m not sure if we will ever have a service similar to Prime, but we are aware of how important fast delivery is to customer satisfaction.