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Link To Any Page In Commission Junction

Linking to any page in Commission Junction (CJ) is referred to as deep linking. The process is straightforward as long as the merchant has deep linking enabled. Fortunately for you, Compact Appliance provides their affiliates with the ability to easily link to the landing page of their choice. Here are the steps involved.

1. Login to Commission Junction.

cj login

2. Click on the Advertisers tab, search for Compact Appliance in the top left search box, and click the Get Links button on the right.

commiission junction get links

3. Expand a link in the list, update the destination URL box to your preferred landing page, and click Update Code. The HREF in the box above Update Code will change. This is your new URL to the preferred landing page. The HREF / URL in the example screenshot below is: Since this is a live link, you can click on it and see how it redirect to the portable air conditioner page.

cj deep link


Quick Note About Deep Linking in CJ

When selecting the link to deep link from, please select the default URL If you pick a promotional link that is scheduled to last for a limited amount of time, the deep link redirect will only work until the link is archived. This is a bit of a puzzle to me, but unfortunately, it is how their system. works.

If you remember this caveat the system is simple enough. This strategy allows you to link to any page on the Living Direct Network. If you have questions, please feel free to email our affiliate managers using affiliates at

Want to know how to link to any page using the in-house HasOffers platform?

Click here to learn that process.

Amazon Affiliate Program Alternative

Amazon runs the largest affiliate program in the world. Unfortunately, their program is weighted heavily in favor of Amazon. Commission percentages are low. In fact, they start at a measly 4%. The tracking window is ridiculously short at just 1 day. Support is also minimal. You aren’t important in the Amazon ecosystem unless your affiliate sales are in the millions. This isn’t realistic for most of us mere mortals.

Alternative to the Amazon Affiliate Program

compact appliance affiliate program

I work as the affiliate manager for the Living Direct Network. Our network of sites includes,,,, and We are actively seeking niche affiliates and blogger with a passion for quality content. We are willing to pay you 7% commissions on all sales if you fit in this category of affiliate and join our in-house program using the HasOffers platform.

If you are a network oriented publisher, we also host a program on Commission Junction. Our CJ commission rate starts at 5%. Performance incentives increase the rate to 7% when sales exceed $5000 in a given month. Commission Junction is the recommended network for affiliates who need to utilize our 10,000+ product data feed.

Our Main Products

Most products sold on the Living Direct Network are appliances intended to improve quality of life in small living spaces. Websites targeting green living, urban spaces, motor home owners, boat owners, modern style, beer, wine and gifts fit well with our product lineup.

kc2000 stainless steel

  • Kegerators
  • Wine Refrigerators
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Portable Air Conditioners
  • Window Air Conditioners
  • Ventless Combo Washer Dryers
  • Portable Heaters
  • Electric Fireplace Heaters
  • Portable Ice Makers
  • Homebrew Equipment
  • Beverage Refrigerators
  • Compact Refrigerators

Program Selling Points

make it rain money

We provide you with the tools necessary to be successful. Our experienced affiliate managers, including myself, our accessible to answer your questions. Our product datafeed on Commission Junction is a refined tool for success. The tracking window of 60 days is 60 times longer than you would receive from the Amazon Associate Program. Average order value averages well over $400. This high AOV allows our partners to achieve an average earnings of over $60 per 100 visitors they send to our sites. In my experience, this average far exceeds what the average blogger earns with Google Adsense.

How You Can Be A Successful Affiliate

Content is king might sound cliche, but it is more true than ever. In the old days, bloggers could get flimsy, poorly written 300 word articles to rank. The modern algorithm heavily favors well organized articles in the 700+ word range. It is always good to ask yourself what questions would I want answered if I was looking to buy this product. In this regard, reviews, top 5/10, best of, and comparison articles tend to perform best. These articles allow users to increase conversion rates from the 1%-2% they might see from a sitewide banner into the 5%-10% range. We also offer an alternative method to earn if you join the in-house affiliate program through the 2nd tier referral program.

Ready to Join?

signup button

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions or reservations about joining the affiliate program, that’s not a problem. You can email one of our experienced affiliate managers using: affiliates at

RV Affiliate Program

rv affiliate program

If you are searching for an RV affiliate program, you are likely to stumble across program related to rentals, like the El Monte RV Affiliate Program, or programs related to parking an RV at a golf course, resort, or camp ground. Latter such programs include the Good Sam Affiliate Program and RV Golf Club Affiliate Program.

I mention these because if you would be a good fit for any of these affiliate programs, you would likely be a good fit for the Living Direct / Compact Appliance Affiliate Program. You are a good fit because many of the appliances sold by Compact Appliance are perfect for living in an RV or motor home.

These appliances include:

Portable Ice Makers

edgestar portable ice maker

Combo Washer Dryers

edgestar combo washer dryer



Compact Refigerators

edgestar compact refrigerator



sharp microwave


Portable Heaters

duraflame portable heater


Countertop Dishwashers

edgestar countertop dishwasher

Compact Appliance manufactures and sells numerous other appliances that are the perfect fit for an RV or motor home. You might be wondering at this point, “how can I make money with these appliances?”

Make Money With The Compact Appliance Affiliate Program

The Compact Appliance Affiliate Program pays partners up to 7% commissions. Commissions start at 5% and scale to 6% with sales over $2500 in a given month. The commission rate increases to 7% with sales over $5000 in a given month. With an average order value of almost $400, it does not take many conversions to reach the 7% commission level.

Tracking lasts for 60 days. This tracking duration is twice the industry standard and 60 times longer than what the Amazon Affiliate Program offers. Said another way, if you refer a visitor to Compact Appliance, you can still earn commissions from that referral up to two months later.

Compact Appliance offers it affiliate partners choice. If you prefer to work more closely with Compact Appliance, I recommend signing up through the in-house affiliate program. There is also a comparable network choice run on the Commission Junction network.

When you work with Compact Appliance and the Living Direct Network, you will be assigned an individual affiliate manager. You can send any questions you have about the affiliate program to affiliates at livingdirect dot com (at=@ & dot=.). We always look forward to hearing from prospective partners.

You will also be given access to high quality banners in numerous sizes and a 10,000+ product strong data feed. These are yet a few of the many tools you will be given to ensure you achieve success and earn to your fullest potential as an affiliate partner.

Link To Any Page With HasOffers

Our HasOffers implementation uses direct links. This style of linking makes it easy for affiliates to link to any page on the Living Direct network of sites. Most category pages are pre-loaded, so you can find your specific link from a drop down menu.

Find An Affiliate Link

1. First, login to the affiliate portal at:

login to hasoffers

2. Once you are logged in, click on Browse / Search, My Offers, and the name of the store you want to link.

hasoffers step 2

3. You will now be presented with a dashboard that has a Landing Page box. You can click on the box that says Default URL and adjust to various pre-loaded pages. As you adjust the land page box, the your tracking link box will change. This is the URL that you will add to your website, newsletter, or social media. In the screenshot, the example tracking link is:

hasoffers 3


Link To Any Page With HasOffers

At this point, you might say that’s all fine and dandy if the link is pre-loaded, but what do I do if the link isn’t already added. You have two options:

1. You can email your affiliate manager. affiliates at livingdirect dot com is the catch all distribution address.

2. You can create the link yourself.

To create your own link, you will take the ending from the ? of the default link and add it to the landing page you would like to use. In the aforementioned link, this would be:


It is critical to note URL syntax. The additional parameters on a link should start with a question mark and each additional section should be connected with an &. Said another way, you should not have multiple ? at the end of a link. This is critical because the Living Direct websites can add information that isn’t critical to the end of a link. Examples:

In this instance, you only need Therefore, your tracking link is

In this instance, you only need Therefore, your tracking link is

I realize this part can be tricky because of the additional parameters the site sometimes adds. My advice is to ask your affiliate manager if you have any questions whatsoever.



Setup A New Website

Knowing how to setup a website is essential to being a successful affiliate. Thank goodness content management systems, like WordPress, have dramatically simplified the process in recent years. Some of you might even be fortunate enough to have a webhost with 1 click WordPress installs. For those of you who happens to be less fortunate, simply want to learn or want to find a cheaper way, read ahead.

To operate a website, you will need a registrar and webhost. Most registrars also offer webhosting, but it usually costs a little more to use the webhosting offered by the registrar. I personally use Namecheap to register my domains and Stablehost for hosting. You can use coupon code livingdirect to take 40% off your 1st Stablehost billing cycle should you decide to use these service. While I sincerely believe Namecheap and Stablehost are inexpensive and reliable, I am agnostic to which companies you select.

Step 1

So you have the perfect domain name selected to sell millions in compact appliances, kegerators and wine coolers? Hot damn! First, go to your registrar and see if the URL is available. A quick search will let you know if the domain can be yours. The search tool will also suggest numerous other names. Exact match domains used to be a big deal. This is less and less the case as the search engine algorithms evolve. I personally would still stick with a .com, .net or .org domain. Some connection between your domain and content also tends to increase conversion rates.

namecheap registrar

After you purchase the domain, the registrar will ask if you want a private or public registration. Public domain registrations mean your content can be viewed on whois lookup websites. If your registrar charges for a private registration and you don’t want your information to be public, I recommend filling in the boxes with words like blah and 555-5555. Get those nosey devils off your trail! Then again, you might want to make it easier for affiliate managers and other advertisers to contact you.

Step 2

Select a webhost. If you use your registrar as your webhost, this part is pretty straight forward. Otherwise, you will need to update the DNS or name server settings in the registrar control panel. Don’t freak out. This is far easier than it sounds. In the Stablehosting example the name servers are:

You can almost always find these with a Google search for host + name server.

namecheap name server settings

If your webhost has 1 click WordPress installs, you are likely good to go at this point. I am what the kids would probably callold school nowadays, so I use a somewhat tedious yet still simple process.

Setup Webhost

Login to the control panel, otherwise known as cpanel. The first time you do this you’ll need to use the login provided by the webhost. After you are setup, you can access it by typing This assume they use the cpanel interface, but it is pretty darn common.

cpanel login

cpanel 2

Once logged in, I go to addon domains.

cpanel addon

Take note of the username and password you select. They are how you can access your website files using an FTP program. I recommend using CoreFTP. It is free and easy. Cpanel comes with a web based FTP interface, but it isn’t any good.

addon domain 2 cpanel

The next step is to create your database. It is the next row in the cpanel interface. I always select MySQL Databases, although the wizard will also work fine.


Your objective here is to create a database for the site and match a username to this database. These settings are very important because WordPress will ask you for these values when you first install it.

username database

At this point, I am done with Cpanel. Now I download the most recent copy of WordPress and fire up my FTP. I transfer the WordPress folders to the empty website folder we just created a few steps earlier.

add wordpress to new site

We are almost done now! The only thing left is to open a web browser, enter your new domain, and configure WordPress be entering the database and username you created a few steps earlier. The settings in the following screenshot are for a separate website I made, but they illustrate the comparisons between the MySQL database settings you will need from Cpanel for your WordPress configuration.

wordpress config cpanel database settings

wordpress configuaration database

Soon you will be seeing All right sparky!

wordpress all right sparky

I hope this tutorial on how to setup a new website with WordPress in fewer than 50 simple steps helped.


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WCD 88x31 Logo

WCD 120x60 Logo

WCD 250x70 Logo

WCD 120x60 1 WCD 120x60 2

WCD 120x90

WCD 150x150 1

WCD 150x150 2


WCD 160x600


WCD 250x250


WCD 468x60


WCD 125x125

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Banner Size – 728×90 Banners

160x600 7


728x90 6


300x250 5

88x31 4

120x60 3

150x50 2

125x125 1

Up To 30% Off Until February 4th

The Living Direct Network is having a sale for up to 30% off plus free shipping until February 4th.

save money

Commission Junction Link Numbers:

Allergy and Air – 11579785
Living Direct – 11579795
Compact Appliance – 10932425
Kegerator – 11403810
Wine Cooler Direct – 10721709